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Root Canal Therapy Edmonton

Root canal therapy can save infected and decayed tooth. If left untreated an infected tooth can decay to a point where the tooth will have to be extracted. Not only that, with time the bacteria can reach the underlying jaw bone and cause boneloss leading to loose teeth and eventually teeth loss. So a root canal is sometimes very necessary.

Symptoms of Infected Tooth

Infection can have several symptoms like – consistent toothache that refuses to go away, erratic toothache based on certain triggers, experiencing pain while applying bite force, discomfort or toothache while in motion like running or walking, swelling of the root or the surrounding gums, persistent sensitivity to hot and cold etc.

While it is true that these symptoms might be a result of some other tooth issues too, it would be a good idea to get yourself checked at our Edmonton office to help get a proper diagnosis of your problem. Once your problem is properly diagnosed, we will be able to advice the best course of action.

The Procedure

The teeth contains 3 parts – a white enamel, a hard layer under the enamelcalled dentin, and a soft tissue called pulp. This pulp holds blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Its primary function is to aid the growth of the root of your tooth, especially during the formative years.

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Sometimes, due to various factors, this pulp may get infected or corroded extensively. In such cases, treatment is required so that the infected pulp may be removed and disinfecting atmosphere can be created inside the root by restorative material as a filling inside the tooth as a replacement of the pulp.

This does not affect the functionality of the tooth which continues to draw nourishment from the neighbouring roots. Finally a crown is cemented to strengthen and protect the tooth.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Root canal therapy is conducted under local anaesthesia and the process does not hurt one bit. The anaesthesia keeps the pain away while the procedure is ongoing. You may experience mild discomfort once the effect of the anaesthesia wears off, but nothing substantial that a simple painkiller dose will not take care of. The discomfort too, lasts only for a couple of days.

The actual procedure takes a single sitting. However, you may have to come back one or more times for a filling to restore your teeth and also for a dental crown. The number of appointments usually depends upon the number of teeth requiring root canal therapy and the severity of the damage.

Why choose us to save your teeth?
Because at Floss and Gloss, we are perfectionists and we do the procedure thoroughly. The care and time we give for a root canal session is among the highest in the industry. We clean and desensitize the canals multiple times because if it is not completely cleaned out and sterilized, the bacteria could mutate, multiply and become a source of chronic toxicity. Our perfectionist approach ensures this doesn’t occur. Pay us a visit and you will see.

We can make that assessment only after consultation. Each case is different. Sometimes when the tooth is grossly decayed, a root canal may not offer good prognosis, in such cases extraction may be advised. However a lot of the times a root canal will allow tooth reservation and in our opinion one must try and keep their natural tooth as far as possible.

Once the root canal treatment is completed and a dental crown cemented, smoking is not particularly harmful to the treated tooth. But ofcourse in general smoking is not good for oral health (root canal or not).

Direct bonded braces do allow scope for some dental work including root canal treatments as the brace is placed on the front surface of the teeth, which leaves other surfaces clear. If the treatment involves front surface, then the brace in that area should be removed.

The replacement of the pulp does no harm to the patient because for all practical purposes, the pulp is useless apart from serving as a sensory organ. The major role played by the pulp is during the developmental years.

Once the tooth has completely matured, it no longer is dependent upon the pulp. This means that there is no worry about the safety of the procedure. Root canal therapy is extremely safe and routinely conducted out every day.

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