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Emergency Services Edmonton

Emergency Services Edmonton

No one plans for a dental emergency, but at Floss & Gloss Dental, we're always prepared to provide immediate help when you need it most. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with both common dental emergecies and unexpected dental issues you may encounter.

Why Choose Floss & Gloss Dental for Emergency Dental Care?

At Floss & Gloss Dental, we understand the urgency and discomfort that can accompany dental emergencies. That's why we allocate specific time slots in our daily schedule to address dental injuries and unforeseen accidents promptly. Our skilled emergency dentists are well-trained and equipped to handle any situation with expertise and care.

Defining a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can disrupt your daily life and routine, from children accidentally breaking a front tooth at school to adults dropping their dentures and damaging them. In such situations, it's crucial to seek immediate attention to alleviate pain and address the issue at hand.

Emergency Dental Care for Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue trauma, such as cuts, lacerations, or wounds to the lips, tongue, and cheek, require swift attention. Our treatment approach is tailored to each patient's condition, starting with an evaluation of the injury's cause and a thorough physical examination. Superficial wounds often heal on their own, while larger cuts may require stitches and antibiotics to prevent infections. Thanks to the ample blood vessels in your mouth, healing is generally quick.

Emergency Dental Care for Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

Damage to your teeth can occur due to various reasons, including sports injuries or accidents. Ignoring a damaged tooth can lead to ongoing pain and potential infections. Our treatment options for chipped, cracked, or broken teeth include: fillings, dental crowns, dental veneers, or root canals, depending on the extent of the damage. We prioritize your comfort and aesthetics, using tooth-colored materials when necessary.

Emergency Dental Care for Severe Toothaches

Toothaches can result from various underlying issues, such as:

  • tooth decay
  • abscessed teeth
  • gum infections
  • tooth fractures
  • damaged fillings.

After a thorough examination, our experienced dentists will determine the most suitable treatment, which may involve extraction, antibiotics, or root canal therapy.

Emergency Dental Care for Trapped Objects

Sometimes, objects like popcorn hulls, meat fibers, seeds, or foreign materials from habits like chewing on pens or toothpicks can become lodged between your teeth. While you can often address these issues at home, if they persist or cause pain, seeking emergency dental care is essential. We use safe techniques to remove trapped objects and offer sedation dentistry for your comfort.

Experience Emergency Dental Care at Floss & Gloss Dental

When faced with a dental emergency, trust the skilled professionals at Floss & Gloss Dental to provide you with prompt, effective, and compassionate care. Contact us immediately for assistance, and we'll ensure you receive the attention you need to restore your oral health and peace of mind.

Don't let a dental emergency disrupt your life – rely on Floss & Gloss Dental to get you back on track!

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