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Dental Bonding Edmonton

Dental bonding is one of the least expensive and minimally invasive dental procedures. It is a treatment wherein a durable material which is similar to that of your natural tooth colour is applied to the surface of your tooth and is so sculpted that it helps create the look of a new, natural tooth.

The results are almost indiscernible to the naked eye. It is mostly a cosmetic procedure that helps improve the quality of your smile.

Dental bonding could be an effective solution if you have:

  • A chipped tooth that needs repair
  • Cracked tooth that needs restoration
  • Short teeth which need to look longer
  • Crooked or uneven teeth that affect your smile
  • Receding gums which expose the root of your teeth
  • Stained teeth that give you smile a shabby look

Dental bonding is a simple restoration process but one that can have a profound cosmetic impact. It can be carried out in a single sitting and often without the use of anesthesia.

The Process

The teeth are first prepped with a conditioning gel so that it helps to adhere with the dental bonding material. Then, resin, which is basically a bonding material similar in color to your tooth is applied on the requisite teeth.

After this, the teeth are sculpted in the desired shape and hardened with the help of a high intensity light. Once the work is complete and the bonding material falls in place, the restored tooth is very strong and is not easily damaged. The end result is a beautiful smile due to the effect of well-crafted and natural looking teeth.

Before After

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Will getting a crown on 1 front tooth fill the existing gap, is bonding necessary?

It will be difficult to say without seeing the case. If the gap is small, then it maybe possible, otherwise one teeth will look wider than the other. Bonding ensures proportionate result.

Bonding can be prone to stain after many years. A recent bonding should not discolorize easily. Sometimes when the dentist is curing the resin, it doesn’t polymerize well enough, which means it can be left porous and susceptible to stain. It is also important to polish the resin adequately once the bonding is placed. A well polished resin is more cleanable and also stain resistant. We make sure to take care of this at our clinic.

Depends on the extent of the chip. Bonding is a very conservative approach and may not be the all that reliable if the chip is very large. If its a small chip, then bonding is a good cost effective simple choice. Larger chips can be fixed with a veneer.

Yes, it is possible to append to the tooth structure without any drilling. A lot depends on the bite as it is probable that your bite might get affected by the lengthening.

Insurances will often cover dental bonding if it’s needed due to decay or a chip/fracture. If it is purely for cosmetic reasons, many won’t cover it. It really does vary depending on the insurance provider.

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